Carrying Cases

Specialty Cases is proud to stock hundreds of hard-shell, briefcase style cases for your equipment. All of our protective cases have multiple options for ease of use and are designed with durability and portability in mind. These ATA cases are perfect for protecting small electronic devices, laptops, tablets and more.

Use our case finder to help you find that perfect size. Call us at (800) 267-1674 or send us an e-mail if you need assistance, just like it's always been since 1989.

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Picture Product Name Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Price View
1120 Pelican Case 1120 Pelican Case 7.46x4.96x3.33 8.41x6.76x3.87 $29.50 View Product
1150 Pelican Case 1150 Pelican Case 8.49x5.99x3.75 9.44x7.8x4.29 $34.23 View Product
1170 Pelican Case 1170 Pelican Case 10.54x6.04x3.16 11.64x8.34x3.78 $44.03 View Product
1200 Pelican Case 1200 Pelican Case 9.25x7.12x4.12 10.62x9.68x4.87 $47.42 View Product
1300 Pelican Case 1300 Pelican Case 9.17x7x6.12 10.62x9.68x6.87 $56.91 View Product
1400 Pelican Case 1400 Pelican Case 11.81x8.87x5.18 13.37x11.62x6 $87.40 View Product
1450 Pelican Case 1450 Pelican Case 14.66x10.24x6.12 16.54x13.03x6.84 $117.00 View Product
1460 Pelican Case 1460 Pelican Case 18.54x9.92x10.92 20.85x12.73x12.75 $199.00 View Product
1470 Pelican Laptop Case 1470 Pelican Laptop Case 15.7x10.7x3.87 16.88x13.23x4.47 $134.00 View Product
1490 Pelican Laptop Case 1490 Pelican Laptop Case 17.75x11.37x4.12 19.87x13.93x4.68 $159.00 View Product
1495 Pelican Laptop Case 1495 Pelican Laptop Case 18.87x13.12x3.81 21.62x17.25x4.87 $181.00 View Product
1500 Pelican Case 1500 Pelican Case 16.75x11.18x6.12 18.5x14.06x6.93 $136.00 View Product