Introducing Specialty Cases’ new website!

We’re so thrilled to be launching our new website. It has been a long journey with a big learning curve for us, but we have been

determined to have a superior, more automated process and easy to navigate interface for our viewers. Thankfully, the team at Smart Solutions in Annapolis, Maryland has guided us in the right direction.

We believe it will be easier than ever to select case dimensions and quickly find all your options. We’ve attempted to give our viewers the information they need quickly and efficiently. If it is simpler for our customers to find what they’re looking for –then we’ve done our job. A big plus is that our customers will now have the ability to store information in an online account. Being able to track shipments, check on previous orders placed, and print documents anytime you need them will be not possible, but easy to do.

Our dream, even as far back as 1989, has always been to use the technological advancements and internet platforms currently available to assist viewers in selecting the most ideal case for their requirements. In general, people make the most optimal choices when they have all the information and options available to them.

Our new Case Coach, currently in development, will provide a place for viewers to ask questions on a webchat line, as well as get all types of information they need about our products. It will be a resource center to find everything from comparison charts to forms, diagrams, and even new cases we’re rolling out. If you can’t come here to our showroom in Laurel, Maryland it’s ok, the Case Coach will help you!

We welcome you to the new and encourage you to look around at our carrying and shipping cases, shockmount rack cases, coolers and most notably our Specialty Cases’ equipment cases for information technology professionals. Single and multiple laptop cases, monitor cases and computer server shipping cases are a few of the solutions we have available. Please feel free to leave us comments or feedback about your experience, we only get better knowing what will help you.

Thank you for your time and your business, we hope you and your organization keep going places with Specialty Cases!

Kiersten Gillespie

President, Specialty Cases