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Designed & Built to Last a Lifetime

The Pelican name is known throughout the world as the leader in reusable heavy-duty cases and tactical lighting. Legendary injection and roto-molded designs have been used by photographers, medical personnel, law enforcement, scientists, government, contractors, the military, and just about anyone who wants the best protection for their equipment.


Pelican Hardback Laptop Cases

HardBack Tablet & Laptop Cases

Crush Resistant
Automatic Purge Valve
Protection for Tablets & Laptops

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Pelican Micro Cases

Micro Cases

For Smaller Items
Memory Card Cases
Sports Wallets
Water Resistent

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Pelican Small Cases

Small Cases

Waterproof & Crushproof
Compact, Rugged Cases
Lightweight, yet Strong
Empty or Foam Interior Option

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Pelican Medium Cases

Medium Cases

Injection Molded
Many Interior Options
Select Models Meet Carry-On Specs
Watertight, Crushproof & Dustproof

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Pelican Large Cases

Large Cases

Designed for Extreme Protection
Customizable Interiors
Ideal for Transporting Larger Items
Many Cases Feature Wheels & Pull Handle

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Pelican Long Cases

Long Cases

Designed to Hold Longer Items
Low Profile Cases
Military Rugged Cases
Many Sizes & Interior Options

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Pelican Cube Cases

Cube Cases

Large Fold Down Handles
Watertight & Crushproof
Select Models Feature Caster Wheels
Many Interior Options Available

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Pelican Storm Cases

Storm Cases

Impact Resistant
Press & Pull Latches
Many Sizes to Choose From
Strong HPX™ Resin Construction

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Pelican Air Cases

Air Cases

Lightest Premium Protector Case
Double-Throw Latches
Rubber Overmolded Handles
Up to 40% Lighter & 45% Deeper

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Pelican Coolers


Extreme Ice Retention
Best Coolers in the Industry
Multiple Colors to Choose from
Certified Bear-Resistant

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Pelican Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks & Bags

Urban & Sport Backpacks
Mobile Protect Backpacks & Duffel Bags
Laptop and Camera Compartments
Watertight Outer Shell

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Pelican Accessories


Padlocks & Shoulder Straps
Lid Organizers & Dividers
Caster Wheels & Pallet Risers
Replacement Foam & More

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Pelican Storm Accessories

Storm Accesories

Lid Stays & Purge Valves
Bezel Kits & Lid Organizers
Divider Kits & Replacement Foam
Computer Trays & Shoulder Straps

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