0550 Large Transport Case

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Pelican 0550 Large Transport Case is the world’s largest injection molded Protector Case. Guaranteed for life.

Interior Dimensions: 47.57 x 24.07 x 17.68 in.
Exterior Dimensions: 51.05 x 27.54 x 22.79 in.
Base & Lid Dimensions: Base: 14.49 in. | Lid: 3.19 in.
Empty Case Weight: 79.2 Lbs.
Wheels: Optional 0507 Caster Wheel Kit Complete with Brakes

Pelican Protector Case Colors

Pelican 0550 Large Transport Case

With over 11 cubic feet of space, you can store, protect, and move large loads in seconds. The reinforced honeycomb deck and lid construction provide support for heavy equipment, or multiple stacking on a 463L pallet. Opening the case at any altitude is not a problem- the dual integrated automatic pressure equalization valves keep moisture out and prevent vacuum lock, and the double wide grip makes lifting easy. With an IP55 certification, the 0550 Transport Case will protect your gear against rain and dirt. The 0550 Transport Case: Built to move-by forklift, by wheel, by hand.

  • Built to move: by forklift, by wheel or by hand
  • Fit six 0550 Cases per 463L military pallet, 18 when stacked
  • Over 11 ft3 (.311m3) of storage space
  • Dual Integrated Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Four extra-deep base-to-lid locking cleats ensure maximum stacking stability
  • Locking metal Lidstays keep lid locked in open position
  • O-ring seal for dust and water resistant seal (IP55)
  • Open cell core with solid wall design – strong, light weight
  • Optional Caster Wheel Kit complete with brakes
  • Optional Pallet Riser Kit
  • Reinforced honeycomb deck and lid for added strength
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • Store documents outside the case with our Document Container
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Interior Options: No Foam and Pick N Pluck Foam

UPC Code:
0550 – 019428090319
0550NF – 019428093525

Pelican Protector Case Features

More Information
Brand Pelican Cases
SKU 0550-Series
Lid Depth 3.19 in.
Base Depth 14.49 in.
Interior (LxWxH) 47.57 x 24.07 x 17.68 in.
Exterior (LxWxH) 51.05 x 27.54 x 22.79 in.
Empty Case Weight 79.2 Lbs.
Weight with Foam 95 Lbs.
Wheels No Wheels
Handle Wide Grip Fold Down Handles
Latches Double-Throw Latches
Lockable Pad-Lockable
Stackable Yes
Removable Lid No
Water Resistance Watertight
Color Black
Available Colors Black
Rating ATA Rated
Certifications IP57
Max Buoyancy 820 Lbs.
Min Temp. -40 Degrees F
Max Temp. 210 Degrees F
Body Polypropylene
Latch ABS
O Ring Polymer
Pins Stainless Steel
Purge Body ABS
Purge Vent 3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven
Purge O Ring Material 70 Shore Nitrile
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Pelican Prortector Case with No Foam


0550NF – No Foam Interior.
Pelican Protector Case with Pick N Pluck Foam

Pick N Pluck Foam

0550 – Pelican™ Protector cases have been designed to protect equipment of all kinds, no matter the size or shape. The Pick N Pluck™ Foam is shock-absorbent, pre-scored Foam in tiny cubes. The item is placed on the foam, outlined with chalk, and then the cubes around the item are removed to form a secure, protective cocoon.

FOAM LAYERS: Layer 1 (Lid): 3.2 in. Convolute / Layer 2 (Base): 0.5 in. Pad / Layer 3 (Base): 3.5 in. Pick N Pluck / Layer 4 (Base): 3.5 in. Pick N Pluck / Layer 5 (Base): 3.5 in. Pick N Pluck / Layer 6 (Base): 3.5 in. Pick N Pluck.


Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. Pelican™ injection molded cases are guaranteed to be watertight to a depth of 3.3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes (IP 67) if properly closed with undamaged o-ring in place unless otherwise stated. To the extent permitted by law, Pelican’s liability is limited to the case and not its contents or foam. All warranty claims of any nature are barred if the container has been altered, damaged or in any way physically changed, or subjected to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident. For complete warranty details, see http://www.pelican.com/warranty or call Pelican at 800-473-5422. Lifetime Guarantee does not cover Roto Molded cases, RALS products, fabric portion of backpacks or smartphone cover accessories.

Pick N Pluck Foam Guide

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