Low Profile

SKB Low Profile Cases

SKB's low profile ATA transport cases with wheels are the premier choice for shipping or traveling with banner stands, tripods, trade show poles, signs, and other long products. Prominent bumpers protect a gasketed aluminum valance at every critical impact point. Heavy duty, in-line edge wheels and durable spring-loaded end handles make for effortless mobility.

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  1. 1SKB-R4215W SKB Low Profile Case
    1SKB-R4215W Low Profile Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 41.5x15.5x5
    $284.99 284.99
  2. SKB Roto-Molded Low Profile Shipping and Travel Case 1SKB-R5220W is perfect for transporting long items and equipment.  Lifetime Warranty.
    1SKB-R5220W Low Profile Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 50.5x19.75x7
    $309.99 309.99
  3. SKB Low profile case 1SKB-R6020W with wheels on one end is roto-molded for maximum protection of your equipment while in transit
    1SKB-R6020W Low Profile Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 60.25x19.75x7.25
    $359.99 359.99
  4. 3SKB-4212W low profile case is perfect as a long case for items like banner stands and tripods.  Check it on the plane or ship it.  Guaranteed for life.
    3SKB-4212W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior:42 x 11.75 x 6 Inches
    $229.99 229.99
  5. Use the 3SKB-4316W for long items that don't fit into other cases.  Its low profile design will save you money on shipping.
    3SKB-4316W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior:43.5 x 16 x 6.5 Inches
    $234.99 234.99
  6. 3SKB-5211W is part of our huge line of hard to find long Shipping Case
    3SKB-5211W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 52x11.75x6
    $249.99 249.99
  7. 3SKB-5216W is an SKB low profile case
    3SKB-5216W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 52.25x16.5x6
    $279.99 279.99
  8. When you need a really long case
    3SKB-6019W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior:60.25 x 19.25 x 6 in.
    $369.99 369.99
  9. 3SKB-6022W is the premier travel case for long equipment
    3SKB-6022W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior:60.25 x 22.25 x 6 in.
    $379.99 379.99
  10. Specialty Cases is proud to offer the 3SKB-6323W.  A long shipping case
    3SKB-6323W Long Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 63x23x10.5
    $504.99 504.99
  11. Foam Sheets for long cases
    FL-4212W Large Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $50.00 50
  12. Foam Sheets for long cases
    FL-4316W Large Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $55.00 55
  13. Foam Sheets for long cases
    FL-5216W Large Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $55.00 55
  14. FL-6323W Large Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $200.00 200
  15. Foam Sheets for long cases
    FS-4316W Small Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $25.00 25
  16. Foam Sheets for long cases
    FS-5216W Small Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $27.00 27
  17. FS-6323W Small Foam Pack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $80.00 80
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