Luggage Style

SKB LS Series Luggage Cases

Choose style and fine craftsmanship for your luggage with SKB’s vacuum-formed LS Series cases. These heavy-duty transport cases provide maximum impact protection, withstands temperatures from -80 to 185 degrees F and is backed by the SKB Million Mile Warranty.

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  1. Heavy duty Luggage Case is sleek with unequaled durability.  Vacuum Formed
    9P1108-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 11.25x8.38x5
    $89.99 89.99
  2. Luggage Heavy Duty Transport Case SKB 9P1410-2BE
    9P1410-02BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 14.38x10.38x12
    $129.99 129.99
  3. Luggage Heavy Duty Transport Case SKB 9P1410-01BE
    9P1410-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 14.38x10.38x6
    $99.99 99.99
  4. Luggage Style SKB Heavy Duty Case 9P1712-01BE
    9P1712-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 17.38x13.38x4.5
    $109.99 109.99
  5. Luggage Style Heavy Duty Transport Case 9P1712-02BE
    9P1712-02BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 17.38x12.38x6
    $124.99 124.99
  6. Luggage SKB Transport Case 9P1912-01BE
    9P1912-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 19x12.25x5.5
    $129.99 129.99
  7. SKB Luggage Style (LS) Transport Case 9P2014-01BE
    9P2014-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 20.38x14x7
    $139.99 139.99
  8. Luggage Style SKB Transport Case 9P2016-01BE
    9P2016-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 20.38x16.38x7.2
    $169.99 169.99
  9. SKB Luggage Transport Case with locking latches 9P2012-01BE
    9P2012-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 20.38x13.38x6.5
    $134.99 134.99
  10. Luggage Style Case SKB 9P2218-01BE
    9P2218-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 22x18x8
    $179.99 179.99
  11. Luggage SKB 9P2517-01BE Transport Case
    9P2517-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 25.38x17.38x9
    $179.99 179.99
  12. SKB Luggage Style Transport Case 9P2520-01BE
    9P2520-01BE Luggage Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 25.63x20.75x9
    $204.99 204.99
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