MR Series

SKB MR Cases

SKB’s MR Series utility cases are the rolling case version of the MP maximum protection cases. They are vacuum molded with corner bumpers and a rigid construction. These cases have a heavy-duty retractable pull handle and durable in-line wheels. They’re designed with impact defense in mind and are covered under a lifetime warranty – you break it, SKB replaces it for free, for life.

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  1. 3SKB-1413MR is a light weight shipping case with a pull handle and wheels.  This case gets your equipment to the site
    3SKB-1413MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 14.5X13.13X7.63
    $194.99 194.99
  2. 3SKB-1818MR is the industry's premier choice for a heavy duty transport case with pull handle and wheels.  ATA-style construction gives you peace of mind.
    3SKB-1818MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 18x18x13
    $254.99 254.99
  3. 3SKB-1812MR when you need a light weight
    3SKB-1812MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 18.38x12.13x7.63
    $239.99 239.99
  4. 3SKB-1916MR has a pull handle and wheels for maximum transportability.  Ship your items in this case
    3SKB-1916MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 19x16x10
    $249.99 249.99
  5. Hit the road with the 3SKB-1914MR.  SKB's signature product for critical duty applications
    3SKB-1914MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 19.38x14x10
    $244.99 244.99
  6. You're going to love the 3SKB-1913MR case.  SKB's military style rolling ATA case with wheels
    3SKB-1913MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 20.75x15.13x10
    $244.99 244.99
  7. Guaranteed for life
    3SKB-2114MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 21.38x14.25x8.88
    $259.99 259.99
  8. When you need an ATA road case with wheels
    3SKB-2218MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 22x18x8
    $264.99 264.99
  9. 3SKB-2417MR is a spacious wheeled transport case with a pull out handle to get you and your equipment moving today.  Backed by a lifetime warranty.
    3SKB-2417MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 24x17x14.5
    $299.99 299.99
  10. Use the 3SKB-2523MR when you need an ATA rated shipping case that is light in weight!  Generous interior space allows all of your items to go wherever you go.
    3SKB-2523MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 25x23x14
    $359.99 359.99
  11. 3SKB-2921MR has wheels and a pull out handle
    3SKB-2921MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 29x21.5x17
    $389.99 389.99
  12. 3SKB-3025MR is a large ATA transport case
    3SKB-3025MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 30x25x15
    $429.99 429.99
  13. When you need a large
    3SKB-3426MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 34x26x18.75
    $454.99 454.99
  14. For size and durability in transport
    3SKB-3621MR Wheeled Case
    Brand:SKB Cases
    Interior: 36.5x21.5x18.25
    $454.99 454.99
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