20 in. Shock Racks

20 in. SKB Shock Racks

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  1. 1SKB-R904U20 ATA-rated shockmount rack cases is for 4U
    20 in. Deep 4U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $490.99 490.99
  2. The 3SKB-R04U20W is an SKB shockmount case with the mobility of a luggage cart!  4U height
    3SKB-R04U20W Rolling Shockmount
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $696.99 696.99
  3. SKB-R906U20 a reusable shockmount rack case
    20 in. Deep 6U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $532.99 532.99
  4. A 6U
    3SKB-R06U20W Rolling Shockmount
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $719.99 719.99
  5. 1SKB-R908U20 is the premier choice for shockmount protection for your rack mountable equipment. Optional caster cart makes this case mobile.
    20 in. Deep 8U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $564.99 564.99
  6.  20in. 3SKB-R908U20W is the rolling version of SKB's shockmount rack case.  Holds multiple servers for easy transport.
    3SKB-R08U20W Rolling Shockmount
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $757.99 757.99
  7. 1SKB-R910U20 is the best shockmount protection for your 20 in. servers.  Military grade hardware seals the deal. Lifetime Warranty
    20 in. Deep 10U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $611.99 611.99
  8. 3SKB-R10U20W keeps your shock gear moving.  The 10U of rack height gives you enough room for multiple servers.  Made in the USA.
    3SKB-R10U20W Rolling Shockmount
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $795.99 795.99
  9. 1SKB-R912U20 12U-20 inch. deep shockmount server transport case
    20 in. Deep 12U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $657.99 657.99
  10. 3SKB-R12U20W is a spacious rolling rack case
    3SKB-R12U20W Rolling Shockmount
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $837.99 837.99
  11. 1SKB-R914U20 is a reusable shockmount rack case designed for transporting your 20 in. servers.  It can even be upgraded with the 1SKB-1916 caster kit.
    20 in. Deep 14U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $680.99 680.99
  12. SKB-R916U20 provides ample height in an off the shelf design.  This case is a shockmount rack case designed for your 20 in. servers
    20 in. Deep 16U Roto Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $699.99 699.99
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