24 in. Shock Racks

24 in. SKB Shock Racks

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  1. Just need to ship one server with an innovative pullout rack system?  Why not use the 3RR-3U24-25B?  ATA rated shockmount protection for your valuable server equipment.
    24 in. Deep 3U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,472.99 1472.99
  2. 3U Static Rack Case. Shockproof and Lightweight this Case is ideal for Transporting your sensitive electronic equipment. Inner rack chassis is built of high strength/lightweight aluminum alloy extrusions. Shop Now.
    24 in. Deep 3U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,234.99 1234.99
  3. 3SKB-R904U24 is a readily available shock rack that can accommodate servers up to 24 in.  The compact design allows this to be stackable with similar cases.
    3SKB-R904U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,130.99 1130.99
  4. 4U Static Shock Rack Case. Lightweight
    24 in. Deep 4U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,261.99 1261.99
  5. 3RR-4U24-25B is perfect for accommodating two 2U servers in a pullout shockmount rack system that gives you unprecedented access to your gear in transport.
    24 in. Deep 4U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,559.99 1559.99
  6. 5U Static Shock Absorbing Rack Case. Rack is lightweight aluminum alloy
    24 in. Deep 5U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,284.99 1284.99
  7. Hit the road with the 3RR-5U24-25B removable shockmount rack case.  The innovative pullout rack system is included here
    24 in. Deep 5U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,646.99 1646.99
  8. The best choice for your 24 in. server is the 3SKB-R906U24.  Providing an ample 6U in height
    3SKB-R906U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,214.99 1214.99
  9. 7U Static Shock Rack Case. Lightweight
    24 in. Deep 7U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,381.99 1381.99
  10. For industry leading shockmount protection for your invaluable rackmount equipment
    24 in. Deep 7U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,732.99 1732.99
  11. 3SKB-R908U24 is one of SKB's finest offerings
    3SKB-R908U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,326.99 1326.99
  12. 9U Static Shock Rack Case. Lightweight
    24 in. Deep 9U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,479.99 1479.99
  13. Use the 3RR-9U24-25B when you can't compromise on protecting your valuable computer gear vulnerable to shocks during transport.  This case also features SKB's removable rack system.
    24 in. Deep 9U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,819.99 1819.99
  14. 3SKB-R910U24 when you need to accommodate multiple 24 in. servers that add up to 10U in height.  This case is backed by SKB's lifetime warranty.
    3SKB-R910U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,401.99 1401.99
  15. 11U Shock Static Rack Case. Rack Chassis Built of high strength aluminum alloy to safely transport equipment.  Shock and vibration mitigation. Quick Ship
    24 in. Deep 11U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,509.99 1509.99
  16. 3RR-11U24-25B is a 24 in. deep rack with 11U in height.  The rack can be pulled out of the case
    24 in. Deep 11U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,906.99 1906.99
  17. 3SKB-R912U24 helps you hit the road with  your 24 inch deep servers.  A generous 12U of height gets all your equipment to the site safely.
    3SKB-R912U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,502.99 1502.99
  18. Military grade hardware and state of the art design make the 3SKB-R914U24 one of the industry's best shockmount rack cases.  For servers up to 24 in. in depth.
    3SKB-R914U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,768.99 1768.99
  19. 14U Static Shock Rack Case. Waterproof
    24 in. Deep 14U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,620.99 1620.99
  20. When you just can't have your rackmount equipment stuck inside your transport case
    24 in. Deep 14U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $2,079.99 2079.99
  21. 3SKB-R916U24.  With 16U of height
    3SKB-R916U24 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,864.99 1864.99
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