30 in. Shock Racks

30 in. SKB Shock Racks

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  1. 3RR-3U30-25B SKB 3U Removable Shock Rack Case
    30 in. Deep 3U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,658.99 1658.99
  2. 3U Static Shock Rack Transport Case.  Static protection
    30 in. Deep 3U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,241.99 1241.99
  3. Removable Rails Shock Rack Case for heavy duty protection. 3RR-4U30 has a lifetime warranty
    30 in. Deep 4U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,747.99 1747.99
  4. 4U Static Shock Rack Transport Case.  This case protects your equipment from water
    30 in. Deep 4U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,282.99 1282.99
  5. Hit the road with the 3SKB-R904U30.  This case is recommended for heavy duty shipping
    3SKB-R904U30 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,397.99 1397.99
  6. Rack Case shockmounted and removable racks 3RR-5U30-25B has a lifetime guarantee
    30 in. Deep 5U Removable Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,828.99 1828.99
  7. 5U Static Shock Rack Case. Rugged roto-molded shell ensures strength and impact resistance. See Our Selection Now.
    30 in. Deep 5U Static Shock Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,305.99 1305.99
  8. You'll love the 3SKB-R906U30 for transporting your 30 in. servers across the street
    3SKB-R906U30 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,448.99 1448.99
  9. 3SKB-R908U30 is the premier choice for moving and storing your 30 in. servers.  Heavy duty caster wheels allow easy transport
    3SKB-R908U30 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,491.99 1491.99
  10. 3SKB-R910U30 is the industry's largest off the shelf shockmount rack case
    3SKB-R910U30 Shockmount Rack
    Brand:SKB Cases
    $1,651.99 1651.99
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